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Soma Studio

Record Label - Production - Recording

Soma Rio is a recording studio, production company and recording label founded in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, right under the ‘Christ the Redeemer statue’.

Soma offers all services related to Audio and Video: Composition of Songs, Jingles and Soundtracks; Music Production including Recording, Mixing and Mastering; Independent Label and Music Publisher; Videoclip Production; Video Editing, Foley, Sound Effects and Post Production for Film.

The company was started in late September 2006 by the reunion of four professionals with decades of experience in Audio, Music, Entertainment and Video with one common ideal: perform outstanding artist and musical work of cultural quality and make those accessible to all who seek them, professionally or not.

This ideal became the life philosphy behind all the work performed by the company, aiming to unite talents of all areas and coordinate their work to give the customers a direct link between their corporate and individual needs and the artists, musicians and technicians who can make their ideas come to life.

The company has provided soundtracks to several motion pictures, jingles to several multinational companies and recorded and released by many artists and musicians.